Editorial Process

How do we determine what we’re covering in Student Health 101?


Customer feedback

  • Each year, we poll our customers:
    • What health and wellness issues are your students facing?
    • What challenges are you hearing about, and what’s on the minds of your students?

Student Health 101 Professional Advisory Board

  • Our panel of experts in health, wellness, and student success base their input on what they’re seeing on their campuses and in their practices, and what they’re hearing in their professional circles.

Student Health 101 Student Advisory Board

  • Thousands of students tell us about their lives, their concerns, their relationships, their stress points, and what’s on their minds.
    A dedicated panel reviews our content, ensuring that our topics and voice are on point and effective.

National health and wellness calendar

  • Our schedule is topical and timely, so our content reaches students right when they need support.

ACHA’s National College Health Assessment data

Healthy Campus 2010 & 2020 guidelines

Other leading research, experts, and best practices